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A Range of Services for Those Who Choose Rural Living

In store repairs

Our onsite shop provides a range of repair services for your rural equipment including stoves, doors, glass replacement, and more.

Outdoor solutions

At Outside Matters Services, LLC, you’ll find a range of products to take care of your property. Trust our specialists with your landscaping needs through the use of mulch and topsoil to give your property a natural and professionally kept look.

We can protect your property from unwanted pests, including insects and invasive plants. We can also deer proof your property to keep them from ruining your landscaping.

Expert pressure washing

Pressure washing is a part of maintenance! Pollen from trees adheres to wooden siding and eventually grows mold. Log homes especially should be lightly washed annually to prevent serious establishment of mold. Vinyl, plastic, fiberglass and other low-maintenance materials grow mold and algae in shady locations.

Mold can be a serious health issue for people with allergies. Pressure treated wood is not maintenance free!

Decks need to be washed from time to time to remove mold and dirt. Staining or sealing decks and docks will help protect the wood from excessive drying from the sun. Pressure Washing is an essential first step before any staining or painting project.